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CrimeBot 2: Unsolved Cold Case

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Discover the thrilling world of CrimeBot 2: Unsolved Cold Case, the eagerly awaited sequel to the renowned CrimeBot game. Step into the shoes of a detective and immerse yourself in a realm where unsolved mysteries and cold cases are the norm, not the exception. Each file, brimming with clues, photographs, testimonies, and suspects, awaits your expert analysis.

Who is the killer?

Can you solve a murder using only your detective instinct?


Two different game modes available inside this detective game: quick match and story.


CrimeBot is available in different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai.

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Capture the criminal minds solving clues before they can escape using your investigation discovery skills

Different games mystery modes

Murders to solve randomly generated where you have a limited number of attempts before the killer manages to escape and murders to solve with a timed challenge in mistery case.

Investigation Discovery

an innovative system to create crime scenes with hidden objects, clues, suspects, witness, alibi and relationships with infinite combinations.